Alteration Fees

Category: Tailor Services


Effective September 2013*

Trousers (Men's and Women's):
 Regular Hem $11.00
 Regular Hem w/Full Lining     $16.00
 Hem w/Leg Taper     $17.00
 Jean Style Hem (Topstitched)     $11.00
 Jean style w/Original Hem     $20.00
 Cuff     $13.00
 Hem Leather Pants     $15.00
 Waist/Seat in/out     $15.00
 Waist/Seat w/Lining     $18.00
 Waist/Seat Jean Style     $20.00
 Replace Zipper     $17.00
 Replace Zipper Jeans     $19.00

Coat - Suit or Sportcoat/Blazer  (Men's and Women's):
Shorten or Lengthen Sleeve   $12.50 each
 Lengthen Sleeve w/Facing    $15.00 each
 Coat Seam in/out    $12.00 each
 Shorten Coat     $50.00-$60.00
 Lower Collar     $17.00

Shorten Sleeve w/Cuff   $7.00 each
 Taper Side Seams    $5.00 each

 Trouser    $17.00
 Skirt Regular     $17.00
 Skirt Invisible     $19.00
 Skirt Regular Lined     $20.00
 Skirt Invisible Lined     $22.00
 Jeans     $19.00
 Dress Regular     $20.00
 Dress Invisible     $23.00
 Coat     $28.00-$45.00

*These prices are for the most commonly requested items.  There are endless variations in clothing alterations, so if your questions are not answered by this list, please call us for an estimate @ 503-284-5939.  We do not work on fur - nor do knitting.  We do work on any cut and sewn garment for men or women, including leather.